A New Year’s Message from the Director

A New Year’s Message from the Director
January 4, 2021 Zaynava
the characters Man and Woman stand together with their backs touching

Happy new year!

First, I want to thank all of you again for the incredible support that you have all shown us in 2020. We were so humbled to see so many people come out to see The Phantom of the Opera and show us tons of love on Twitch during the shows. It truly inspires us to keep doing our best to always create bigger and better productions.

Stellazzio Virtual Theatre has grown so much since its founding, and we’re excited to begin creating machinima videos and one-act plays. This is in addition to our feature-length productions like The Phantom of the Opera and our upcoming adaptation of The Snow Queen.

Our first machinima video will premiere very soon. We are grateful for everyone who was able to fill out our “line” for the filming yesterday! To make sure you don’t miss future opportunities with us, you can now visit the #roles channel in our Discord server and opt into the “audition” role to be notified.

In March, SVT will revisit a one-act play that is very dear to me: The Worker, by Walter Wykes. This surreal piece was the first play I ever directed, and I think there is so much more I have to say in a new version.

The Worker will be directed by me, Zaynava, who will also play Woman. Also starring will be Sosole Sole as Man, and Amilee Duskwind as The Messenger. Levi Talstag is assistant director and Sasanasu Lalanasu is stage manager.

We plan to do another one-act play later this year, to be announced after The Worker.

Our final performance of the year will be our biggest to date: The Snow Queen! We’re always proud to present something we’re truly passionate about, and The Snow Queen is shaping up to be just that. While we regret making everyone wait so late in the year, our team could not imagine introducing you to our Snow Queen in any season except winter.

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