The Phantom of the Opera


Stellazzio Virtual Theatre (SVT) is proud to premiere their third production, The Phantom of the Opera, adapted for virtual theatre from Gaston Leroux’s classic nineteenth-century thriller, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra. The haunting tale of seething desire is reimagined for a virtual stage with musical underscore arranged and performed by The Moogle Troupe.

Our story begins in the Prima Vista Opera House, where rumors of a mysterious ‘opera ghost’ have been haunting and terrorizing the staff. The situation only worsens when the opera house’s prima donna walks out on the latest production. Miss Christine Daaé, daughter of a well-known late violinist, has been taking singing lessons with a mysterious teacher and is chosen for the role. Christine’s childhood sweetheart, Raoul, is charmed when he recognizes her on stage and decides she must be his. Christine’s teacher also seems to admire her, leading to a battle of hearts and an opera house under siege by the mysterious and dangerous opera ghost.

Showtimes for SVT's The Phantom of the Opera

Program and Credits

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The Phantom – Shift Solari
Christine – Catanya Chamelius
Raoul – Nanamo
Thavnairian – Aleu Lyehga
Carlotta – Drae Skymourn
Moncharmin – Sosole Sole
Richard – Akaela Valor
Madame Giry – Amilee Duskwind
Ballet Girl 1 – Nimani Alakim
Ballet Girl 2 – Wind-up Kela
Ballet Girl 3 – Fahne Amariyo
Clowder – A’htnamas Kel, Bijou Nightingale, Z’ylarix Colfire


Director – Zaynava Stellazzio
Lead Writer – Grey Fantasies
Writers – Brae Ritian, Alma Emma
Orchestra – The Moogle Troupe
Composer – Cinnamon Roll
Dance Choreography – Catanya Chamelius
Fight Choreography – Levi Talstag
Stage Manager – Sasanasu Lalanasu
Program Manager – Emelin Wolt
Stage Design – Levi Talstag
Tech – Sasanasu Lalanasu, Levi Talstag, Xitra Lunrise, Zaynava Stellazzio
Lead Photographer – Majorie Desmarais
Photographer – Kiyo Izumi
Videographer – Hianana Hiana
Head Usher – Muis Keihl
Ushers – Ami Relanah, Nano Shinonome, Naoh’a Mewrilah, Reina Heartsong, Rellenika Goldstone, Titus Andreas, Vox Ilthorn, Melinda Varenka


Aria di Mezzo Carraterre
Nobuo Uematsu
Arranged by Cinnamon Roll

Georges Bizet
Arranged by Cinnamon Roll

Valse du Masque et la Rose
Cinnamon Roll, feat. Uyanga Bold

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