About the Creative Team

Stellazzio Virtual Theatre was founded in 2018 by Zaynava Stellazzio. Her desire was to create a virtual theatre where anyone could be empowered to take part in performing arts, either in creating or attending performances.

Over the years, Stellazzio Virtual Theatre has come to be recognized in the FFXIV community and beyond for our high-quality, full-length stage productions. Recently, we have expanded our schedule to shorter one-act plays, machinima, and other performance programs. Through it all, we insist on presenting the very best of what we can do. 

At the core of Stellazzio is a team of 8 that oversees the troupe’s administration and creative process. Being a part of this Creative Team means staying in constant communication with each other. We trust each other to speak in good faith, even when disagreeing. We make all decisions as a group, counting on our diverse experiences and perspectives to bring us to well-considered choices.

“But what I truly cherish more than anything about this is the connections that it allows us to make and the happiness that it brings people, both in SVT and in the community. And that people inside the troupe believed in me enough to work so hard towards what has started out as my dream. That it’s even become their dream too. There’s no better feeling, truly.“ — Zaynava